The Sunday Brunch Buffet 2/19/2012

Funfetti Cookies

Welcome to The Sunday Brunch Buffet! I hope you’re having a great weekend. I had a pretty rough week. Both of my kids got a terrible cold which turned into ear infections. Now my husband is sick too, so I’m flying solo on the responsibilities around the house while he rests.

Thankfully despite sleepless nights and constant whining (the kids, not me) I’m in pretty good spirits. I find that expectations make a big difference on my overall mood. I knew that my husband wasn’t feeling well, so instead of expecting him to get up and take care of the kids Saturday morning like he normally would, I told him to stay in bed and rest as long as he needed. That way we were just going through our day as if he were at work and I wasn’t disappointed by having to get up on a Saturday. I’ve also cleared some of my personal expectations of what I can get done around the house while I spend some extra time wiping noses and holding criers.

I hope your week went better than mine. I still managed to find you a few interesting nuggets from around the web.

I. Love. Caramel.

These look like a great little bite before my morning workout!

We already have a few like these in the kids’ room, what a great idea for dressing them up!

And here I was looking for the best font in which to teach my kids to read.

TOMS makes ballet flats now, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’m loving everything on this website, but today it was this.

I loved the quilt my mother made me as a child. I need the motivation and time to do one like this for my kids!

I only shared a couple recipes with you this week because of my massive kitchen failure, but here they are.

Scotcheroos – Chocolate, peanut butter, and butterscotch. The classic church treat!

Pesto White Bean Stromboli – Warm, melty cheese flavored with pesto and stuffed into crusty pizza dough.

Have a great Sunday and make sure to check back tomorrow for The Monday Menu!

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