The Sunday Brunch Buffet 3/4/2012

Ribs under a broiler

Welcome back to The Sunday Brunch Buffet! Here you’ll find a list of things I found interesting around the web this week related to food, fashion, and more as well as a round-up of the recipes I shared with you.

This week flew by so fast even though I kept forgetting what day it was. I guess my brain isn’t quite following any recognizable calendar, I’m just getting through each day making sure my kids are dressed and fed.

I began climbing the mountain that is potty training my 2 year old this week. So far things are going well. It just seems so much easier to change a diaper than to help her on the toilet every 30 minutes or so. If anyone has any insight into this milestone, lay it on me. I’m all ears!

Here’s what caught my eye this week:

I’ve already purchased the cheese.

If I homeschool my kids, this is all we’re doing for history.

I started reading this book for the second time. I’d love any insight from all of you.

The perfect portion for homemade donuts!

These are super cute, and completely impractical for my life.

For my husband, and grammar nerds alike.

Such a good idea!

This, this, and this all came in the mail. I couldn’t be happier.

Here’s what I shared with you earlier this week:

Hash Brown Potatoes – A breakfast diner classic. So easy!

Funfetti Cookies – Even easier than the potatoes and twice the fun.

Panko Crusted Salmon – A quick and healthy dinner that takes the mystery out of cooking fish.

Feel free to let me know what you’re eating this weekend and check back tomorrow for The Monday Menu!


  1. Sara says

    Hi =) I just found this at the bottom of Joy’s site, but I know she doesn’t have a 2 year old! Maybe this is the Homefries girl? Had to comment about the potty training- I’m a professional nanny and I know this does NOT sound professional, but it works! Let your child run around in the nude, refferably outside, so they realize when they go to the bathroom…all over themselves and the floor/ patio/ grass/ hard wood floors! I know it sounds gross, but you can have your little one potty trained after a few days in the nude! Keep it up, keep that kid in the buff outside, and let them pee all over the place! It works and works fast! =)

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