The Monday Menu 7/16/2012

Cajun Roasted Chickpeas

Welcome back to The Monday Menu! We’ve had a pretty busy weekend full of sporadic eating and plenty of treats. I’m hoping to nourish our bodies with real home cooking and relax a little. My daughter recently decided she likes ground beef if its eaten in some sort of sauce on baby carrots (what?!). I’m certainly not complaining and am planning to make sloppy joes much sooner than I normally would and see if I can pass meatloaf off on her. Here’s what else I have planned:

Monday – Trinity Meatloaf with Oven Roasted Broccoli and twice baked new potatoes
Tuesday – Sloppy Joe’s with baby carrots
Wednesday – Chile Lime Chicken Thighs with Mexican rice, avocados, and tortillas
Thursday – Cheesy Pasta Bake with French bread and packaged salad
Friday – Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Cajun Roasted Chickpeas

What’s on your menu this week?


  1. olive says

    Love it. Have you read Hungry Monkey? I just started, and it is so true! All efforts to create a little foodie have somehow evolved into him asking for ham and cheese at every meal. lol. Sloppy Joes….yum.

    Love the chick peas. I must remember to do that!

    This week is/was chaotic with travel and guests, so a menu is kinda up in the air. Here’s my best recollection and guess. :)

    Monday: leftover pizza
    Tuesday: grilled ham/cheese, tomato soup (in honor of G’s birthday and his faves)
    Wednesday: thai chicken (lots of roasted mushrooms, snow peas, coconut milk sauce), rice & kale
    Thursday: kebab burgers and greek salad
    Friday: lamb risotto with asparagus
    Saturday: ancho tortilla soup

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