The Sunday Brunch Buffet 10/14/2012

The Sunday Brunch Buffet 10/14/2012

Sweet potatoes are the perfect match in Mexican food.

Some of these pictures seriously freak me out.

Broccoli & potato nuggets look both ugly and delicious.

I lived alone for a brief period in college. Take a peek inside my life.

These herb roasted potatoes look so crispy and perfect.

I love any excuse to eat cookies for breakfast.

Also, chocolate for breakfast. I already made these pumpkin spice chocolate chunk muffins and they are SO. GOOD.

An article worth reading on being an Evangelical Christian.

Last Thought Catalog link, I promise. Ron Swanson’s Top 5 Most Ron Swanson-y Moments.

I am all over slow cooker caramelized onions.

Here’s a great list of The 50 Best Snack Foods in America. When I buy snacks, its often something off this list.

I know what I’m doing tonight!

Here’s what I brought you this week:

Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies – A slightly tropical take on the traditional chocolate chip cookie.

Basic Granola – A tasty, crunchy, and versatile homemade cereal.

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