The Sunday Brunch Buffet 12/30/2012

The Sunday Brunch Buffet 12/30/2012

I have a sudden need for/obsession with carmelitas.

I don’t have a huge affinity for eggs, but you could put fontina on one of my kids and I’d probably eat them for dinner.

Check out my kitchen Pinterest board. I’m trying to decide between wallpaper and a mural for one of the walls in my kitchen. Any input?

There’s something really beautiful about the simplicity of Il Lee.

I really need some easy ideas for dealing with my super long hair. These were great!

I’d like to start eating more salads as meals. I might start with this baby spinach salad with dates and almonds.

I love app round-ups because I don’t need to go searching through millions of them myself. Here are the top 10 educational apps for preschoolers.

Ugh I’m dying over almost every single one of these 14 reasons why I’m ready for the holidays to be over. Seriously. Over.

I’m a big jerk who didn’t bring you anything this week, but hey, remember this white bean crostini? You should serve it at your New Year’s Eve Party.

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