The Monday Menu 1/21/2013

Spaghetti Aglio Olio

Welcome to The Monday Menu! I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about making my menu this week. I tried some new things last week and one of them (the samosa stuffed potatoes) was a complete failure. Like, in the trash considering ordering a pizza disaster. I ended up using up some pantry stapes to make quesadillas (which were actually awesome) but it made me a little skeptical of trying new things this week. I decided to perhaps go with some more familiar meals that will be tweaked just a bit to change things up. I also decided to explore nachos as a meal. I bought some sprouted corn tortillas that I will bake into homemade chips and then top with everything I can imagine – cheese, beans, refried beans, jalapenos, tomatoes, lettuce, salsa, and more.

I’ve come across a couple of friends who are also sharing their weekly menus! If you’re looking for further inspiration be sure to check out Dine and Dish and The Haas Machine.

Here’s my plan for the week:

Monday – Veggie Pizza with salad
Tuesday – Egg Rolls with rice
Wednesday – Corn Pancakes with Raspberry Syrup, scrambled eggs and homefries
Thursday – Loaded Nachos
Friday – Spaghetti Aglio Olio with squash chips and roasted chickpeas

What’s on your menu this week?


  1. olive says

    Thank you for also mentioning the “failure”! I can totally relate. I figure it’s still some sort of learning opportunity, but it still kinda sucks at the time! C’est la vie, right?! Onward and upward….. to nachos! Love it!
    I’m really interested in incorporating even more veg recipes. I’m even considering cutting out dairy (say what?!). Anyway, thanks for sharing that journey as well.

    Monday: green risotto (lima beans, basil)
    Tuesday: harvest stew (squash, apple, etc)
    Wednesday: lamb ragout
    Thursday: kale/potato frittata
    Friday: stuffed sweet potatoes, shredded bbq chk

    Happy Cooking!

  2. says

    Sounds delicious! Isn’t it funny what you can come up with without even trying? I make some of the best stuff by accident, and bummer, don’t write it all down to share :(


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