The Sunday Brunch Buffet 1/27/2013

Corn Pancakes

Salted Caramel Butter Bars. So many good words!

In giving up meat, this Buffalo Cauliflower looks like a great alternative to buffalo chicken.

This video of two men experiencing labor contractions gets SO REAL! It hits way too close to home.

I can only assume that this roasted garlic spread is the most delicious thing ever.

I loved all of these books for kids in the 90’s. Also, my kids will never read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark because those books are LEGIT.

I want to live in a fudge tunnel.

I secretly want to follow everyone I know for a day (mostly to find out what I’m doing wrong in my life). I ate this homeschooling day in the life right up.

Katie rocks my life. I imagine the world’s healthiest tater tots will as well.

Here’s what I brought you this week:

Rustic White Beans – Real stick-to-your-ribs beans for these cold winter days.

Veggie Pizza Sauce – Make your own sauce at home and feel good about calling it a vegetable.

Super Bowl Suggestions – A recipe round-up to get you ready for the big game.


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