The Monday Menu 10/14/2013

Vegetarian Baked Southwest Egg Rolls - Perfectly crisp, savory egg rolls you can have for a quick dinner or appetizer! // The Live-In Kitchen

Welcome to The Monday Menu! It’s time to get back to real life. Last week was full of fun blogging adventures but now I’m ready to dig my heels in at home and spend some time homeschooling, blogging, and maybe even resting.

I spent the weekend in Minneapolis this past weekend for Bloggy Boot Camp. Keep  checking back to see all the great food and friends from the weekend. This week should be much quieter with one exception – my son’s first birthday! It’s always hard to believe how fast a year goes. He has been loving table food for a while now, so I was able to come up with a tasty, fun menu for his party Friday night.

Here’s the plan:

Monday – Baked Fish with roasted baby potatoes and broccoli
Tuesday – Vegetarian Baked Southwest Egg Rolls with brown rice and avocado crema
Wednesday – Thai Chicken Pizza with fresh fruit
Thursday – Spinach Baked Eggs with cornbread
Friday – Orecchiette with peas and alfredo sauce, fresh fruit, salad

What’s on your menu this week?


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    Love your Tuesday and Friday meals. You are going to be such a lovely resource in my life. I’m huge into meal planning with Pinterest, but am a bit bored with our go-to meals. This changes everything. So lovely to meet you as well!

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      I loved meeting you too! I turn to Pinterest every week for menu inspiration. It’s so nice to be able to see everything visually and decide what I want. I’m so glad you could find some inspiration here!

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    He is one already?!?! What in the world… how did THAT happen?!

    Maybe it’s already on your “to do” list, but since you mentioned it, whenever you find inspiration, I would love to read a post about your homeschooling adventures at some point. I know it’s not exactly kitchen-y, but it would still be attractive to me & I’m sure your other readers!

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