The Monday Menu 10/21/2013

The Monday Menu 10/21/2013

Welcome to The Monday Menu! Have you noticed a pattern here? I feel like I’m getting in a bit of a rut with my meal planning. When I’m overwhelmed with life I tend to follow a formula for coming up with ideas. First I look for a pasta dish, then a Mexican dish, then some sort of pizza or sandwich, then something resembling “meat” and potatoes. This helps break it down for me so I’m not grabbing from so many possibilities at once.

I also feel like my rut has been a little heavy and unhealthy. By this I mean lots of cheese, fat, and large portions. Basically comfort food perfect for the cooler weather. I tried to make healthier choices this week, but you can see it’s still pretty cheese heavy. I also committed a while ago to bringing penne with vodka sauce (a family favorite) to a family from church who recently had a baby. I’m not complaining, I’ll just try eat a smaller portion.

Here’s the plan:

Monday – Penne with Vodka Sauce, salad
Tuesday – Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Pizza with salad
Wednesday – Bean and Cheese Baked Taquitos with Guacamole
Thursday – Oven Roasted Rice Bowls with fresh fruit
Friday –  Veggie Burgers with butternut squash fries

What’s on your menu this week?


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    OK – I feel like it’s karma that you were listed right before me on the SITS girls “About Me” linky today. I felt an instant connection when I read your about page (by the way, gorgeous photos!) I’m a food dietitian and me and my co-blogger at Teaspoon of Spice are totally into real ingredients (no margarine) but don’t pass up on the butter either. And we both have families so barely have time to measure perfectly either. Can’t wait to dive into all your recipes – nice to “meet” you online!
    (And I’m a big time pasta girl – this would be a staple recipe in my house, too.)

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