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Slice of Life 7/2/2014

It has practically been monsoon season here in Wisconsin. We’re talking high winds, crazy lightening, and pounding rain. As long as I get a few hours of sunshine each day I’m all about it. I don’t know why I love storms so much. Maybe it’s all the years I spent as a lifeguard and thunder equaling a Catchphrase marathon (for pay).

I’ve been keeping up with running pretty well. I’ll go out a few nights a week after the kids are in bed. I’ve been using the app RunKeeper and it really motivates me to run faster. The problem is I live in a very hilly neighborhood, so I’m constantly getting discouraged by completely reasonable slower times. I’m thinking about driving somewhere flat to run which just totally seems to defeat the purpose.

Slice of Life 7/2/2014

We spent last Saturday evening at a local event called Soberfest. Think music, bouncy houses, face painting, and hot dogs. My sensitive child Cas was being extremely brave and grown up, allowing his entire face to be painted like Spiderman, trying the bouncy house (for a second) and downing a couple hot dogs. When we got in the car to go home I noticed a fly in the car but didn’t say anything because I know it’s one of his greatest fears. We got a few miles down the road when he started SCREAMING like he was being murdered. No joke, you’ve probably never heard this level of terror in someone’s voice. My husband almost lost control of the car it was so unnerving and unexpected. I instantly knew he was screaming because he had seen the fly, informed everyone else in the car what was happening, and could not. stop. laughing. There’s just something so ridiculous about how completely terrified he is of flies, all with the Spiderman face.

We’re in the middle of an intense birthday week. Today is my dad’s birthday. I made him one of his favorite cakes and let the kids help. Sadly I don’t let them help in the kitchen very often because I’m already doing everything I can to just get it done so they can eat and stop screaming. They were actually pretty well behaved until Strummer realized they were all taking turns helping with tasks and he decided he should be doing all of the things himself. We made the cake yesterday to take to the party today, and since I felt a little bad letting them help make something with no instant gratification we also whipped up individual portions of my vegan cookie dough for one. They chose to add M&Ms instead of chocolate chips and it was the perfect little treat snack for everyone. Also, should we talk about how ugly my kitchen is? We’d better not. But if you’re in charge of one of those “Ugliest Kitchen in America” makeover contests, pleeease come to my house.

Slice of Life 7/2/2014

Lola’s birthday is on Monday but we’re having a party on Saturday. She requested a pink and purple cake with white butterflies which, Lord help me, I’m going to try and accomplish. There is a loose Tangled (Rapunzel) theme. I even bought flying lanterns to set off in the night sky. They came with some ridiculous, unintelligible instructions that must have been poorly translated from Chinese or something. They left me feeling a little squeamish about setting them on fire and cutting them loose. I’ve also completely lost my mind and decided to try sewing Lola some clothes for her scantily clad Barbie. I haven’t been able to find tutorials for this anywhere online, if it’s something that works out would anyone be interested in seeing the outcome, or do you prefer I stick to food here?

Since all the good tv is over for a while, my husband suggested we start watching True Blood. I was not super excited about it but I sure do like hanging out with him so I obliged. It’s almost bad to the point of being funny and I wonder if it’s supposed to be taken seriously. I keep wanting to watch an SNL skit of it with Paul Rudd playing Bill and them playing that cheesy music that comes on every time he walks on screen. Drunk History also started again last night, which is insanely funny. Most of the history they cover I’ve never even heard of, which makes it that much more ridiculous that I now only know it through some drunk rambling. I just worry about the health of these people who are getting so drunk.

What have you been up to? I can’t believe how fast summer slips past me and I want to live vicariously through your vacation stories.


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    The story about the fly just got me. I could totally picture the chaos.
    One time, I almost got into a car accident because a moth was in the car with me, and I freaked out.
    And I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same with a fly….but the Spiderman face. That’s what pushed this story over the edge for me.

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