Lemon Pound Cake

Every now and then I look back on the beginning of this blog and wonder why anyone bothered to visit at all (actually, no one did).

Lemon Pound Cake - Simple, sweet, and completely versatile! // The Live-In Kitchen

When it comes to true family favorites, I like to go back and update the photos. These recipes are so important to me and get made time and time again in my kitchen, so there’s no reason I shouldn’t be snapping a few photos when I get the chance.

One such recipe is for my grandma’s lemon pound cake. I made this cake last week for my dad’s birthday. We had a nice little party for him in the community room where he’s currently staying, complete with a second cake and Pizza Hut pizza. It’s not very often my family eats pizza like that and I think we all enjoyed it more than anything. Even Lola, who generally won’t touch pizza, devoured several slices. We may have a new favorite family restaurant.

Lemon Pound Cake - Simple, sweet, and completely versatile! // The Live-In Kitchen

This cake is dense and aromatic. One of the best parts is the crust that forms on the top, which then turns into the bottom when you flip it out of the pan. You could do any number of things to dress it up and take it over the top, but we’ve always enjoyed it plain. Be sure to head over to the original post for the recipe!


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    I feel the same about many of my earlier pictures. Sometimes I spend ages cooking something, only to be disappointed that the pictures do not do it justice.
    Although all your pictures are beautiful. I love Lemon Pound Cake. I sometimes add some lemon zest into the dough to make it even more lemonier :-) x

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