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Lola started swimming lessons last week. I taught swimming lessons for something like ten years and have seen every type of student and swimmer under the sun. I somehow managed to give birth to every terrible child I ever had in swimming lessons when I gave birth to Lola. The first day I was in shock. Not only was she terrified to try anything, but she was screaming, crying, and getting other kids in trouble. She wandered across the pool away from her class. She got out of the pool and jumped back in at random times. When it was time to get out and go home (and give those poor teachers a break) she stood wailing in the water with her arms crossed. With each new day she becomes more and more afraid of going under water. I feel like it would have been better to just drop a bunch of money off at the pool and keep her home for the rest of the session. I’m completely stumped in how to parent this.

Slice of Life 7/16/2014

I’m not going to pretend like I actually know what a super moon is, but word on the street is we had one the other night and it’s just supposed to make people crazier. And I have to say it’s true. My kids have been insane. Like completely out of control. I don’t even know what to do when all three are being completely crazy at the same time. I also ended up driving in the quasi-country around midnight on the foggy full moon (wow, that sounds suspicious, but it wasn’t, it’s just really unusual for me) and it was completely beautiful. Like I wanted to stop the car, turn off the lights, and just take it in for a minute. Buuut as a youngish lady I know better.

My fitness commitment has been going really well lately. I’ve loved having the accountability of a group of friends to make healthy food choices and squeeze in some exercise. Life has made exercise really challenging between my kids waking up earlier and earlier (is it the sun?! Who would have thought I’d dream of winter) and the road construction in front of my house making it impossible to leave the house in a stroller or bike. I have been able to go running, mostly in the evenings, and work some abs in during the day. I’ve been pretty happy with the results, now hopefully people will stop mistaking me for being pregnant (because I’m definitely not).

Slice of Life 7/16/2014

We have to talk about my July POPSUGAR Must Have Box! I’m totally in love with these boxes. High quality, full-sized products shipped to your door for only $39.95 a month (use code JULY14SELECT through 7/31/14 to receive $10 off a 3-month subscription!). This month featured a beach hat that is surprisingly beautiful. I’m not sure how I feel about myself in hats (I have a track record) but this one might work. I’m also totally loving the Beach Bum sunscreen which smells like every tanning oil I used in the early 90’s. That’s basically childhood summer in a bottle. Ooo! Let’s not forget about the Dang Coconut Chips. Sweet, simple, and delicious. I love that they send a tasty little snack like this in every box. This would be such a fun package to send to a new college student, and that actually kind of makes me wish I were still in college.

Pretty much the only tv we’ve been watching lately is nightly binges of True Blood. We just started season 3. While I can’t say I actually like it, it is enjoyable to watch. It’s kind of campy to me and easy to make fun of. I hate to admit that I want to want to watch Hemlock Grove, but I just don’t. While I feel like it covers a lot of the same subject matter as True Blood, there’s something dark about it that just leaves me feeling icky. I’ve completely lost interest in Desperate Housewives (yeah, I’m way behind the times), so will someone please just tell me how the last six seasons go? I don’t like to quit once I start and I just can’t give that much time to it. I do need something to watch while I have a few evenings alone this weekend, any suggestions? I’m thinking about picking up Big Love.

POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.


  1. Nicole K. says

    Oddly enough, I started Desperate Housewives too. If you can stick to Season 5, that’s the game changer. 😉

  2. C proffittc says

    I love the way you write. You are like every mom under the sun but aren’t afraid to confront your trials full on AND write about them. Your father’s day pic was priceless, I sent your link to my daughters who also have three young children a piece.

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