Open Faced Mediterranean Egg Sandwich

Open Faced Mediterranean Egg Sandwich - So easy and delicious, perfect for brunch!

Eggs are magical. They’re really unique in the number of ways they can be prepared. Scrambled, omelette, over easy, hard boiled, and more. Most people have a favorite way to prepare eggs. When I was a kid my grandma would make the world’s runniest scrambled eggs. I almost couldn’t eat them because it was just… 

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Vegetable Frittata with Balsamic Burst Tomatoes

Vegetable Frittata with Balsamic Burst Tomatoes - A healthy, flavorful addition to any brunch!

I know, I know, I know. I’m balsamic-ing all the things. Chickpeas? Check. Couscous? Check. Add tomatoes to the list because yum. Balsamic vinegar is where it’s at! Especially for summer. It adds this earthy depth to what you’re cooking that is somehow both savory and rich. You just have to trust me. Today we’re… 

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Five Minute Breakfast Burrito

Five Minute Breakfast Burrito - A healthy breakfast on the go is only minutes away! // The Live-In Kitchen

The other day I took my son to the grocery store to get the monkey balloon he had been hoping for on his birthday. I had been going back and forth on whether it would be best for me to go by myself and surprise him with it or take him with for a special… 

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Mediterranean Eggs

Mediterranean Eggs - Caramelized onions, sun dried tomatoes, eggs, and feta make a flavorful breakfast for dinner! Full recipe at

I have kind of a love/hate relationship with eggs. I like the flavor and they’re a great protein source. There’s something about the texture though that freaks me out. Maybe I’ve been ruined on squeaky scrambled eggs. But still, a runny yolk freaks me out. Even though I know it’s probably fine and dandy and… 

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