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  1. Christina says

    Whoops, you have a typo. I think you meant to say vegan cookie dough dip for one.
    ZING! Hahahahaha, just kidding, but seriously this recipe looks dope! I’m cutting down on sugar so this recipe is the ultimate dessert for me! Pinning!

    • Lindsay Moe says

      Haha, you could totally give it a try all by yourself! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tony | Simple Awesome Cooking says

    Super intriguing…never would have thought of using almond butter as the base, but I can see how it’d work great. Definitely trying it this weekend.

    • Lindsay Moe says

      I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Megan says

    Love that it makes just enough to satisfy the need for something sweet!

    • Lindsay Moe says

      Thanks Megan!

  4. Richa Gupta says

    5 stars
    I always love such naturally sweetened recipes anytime, this looks yum!

    • Lindsay Moe says


    • Lindsay Moe says

      I appreciate your concern for others. I have updated the post to instruct others in how to safely handle flour for consumption.

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