Avocado, Yellow Rice, and Roasted Chickpea Burrito


Avocado, Yellow Rice, and Roasted Chickpea Burritos - These are so savory! A great way to change up burritos.


We’ve been detoxing, gastronomically and emotionally, from our trip to Kansas City last weekend. There’s always a little detox involved when the kids have spent a few days with grandparents (you know what I’m talking about). We’re also coming down from eating all the things and having the time of our lives pretending like we’re young and exciting. Being young and exciting leaves me needing a nap.

Avocado, Yellow Rice, and Roasted Chickpea Burritos - These are so savory! A great way to change up burritos.… 

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Roasted Vegetable Tostadas - Healthy Mexican food! Yes pleeeeease!

Roasted Vegetable Tostadas

Do you have a hard time giving yourself a pat on the back? When you finish a task, say a drawing or building a chair or making a presentation at work, do you only see what you did wrong, not what you did right? My head is full of self-exploration with the Bible study I’ve… 

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Farmer's Market Lasagna Rolls - A healthy lasagna!

Farmer’s Market Lasagna Rolls

I have to shout out to my little man who turns two today. These years really are going fast. But he still seems like a baby to me, mostly because he still can’t really talk. He’s finally picked up a few important words (“NO!” “UP!” “BROKE!” and yes, he always speaks in all caps, how… 

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Slice of Life 10/15/2014

Slice of Life

We survived another weekend in a hotel (barely). Jeron’s cousin got married and Lola was the most perfect flower girl ever. We just can’t figure out five of us sleeping in the same room. I’m in full support of those that choose to co-sleep, but I have no idea how they do it and actually… 

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Baked Shrimp Egg Rolls - So easy and delicious to make at home, no need for takeout!

Baked Shrimp Egg Rolls

It’s definitely getting too cold to go out side and exercise, so that means it’s time to start eating healthy! And by healthy I mean warm comforting foods like pan fried butternut squash pasta and corn and sweet pepper quesadillas. There should always be a little cheese in your healthy eating. Today we’re actually going… 

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Greek Pita Sandwiches - These are SUPER healthy while still being filling and fun! Just what I need.

Greek Pita Sandwich

As I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, I often struggle with what lunch should look like. Let’s be real, I like to EAT. And by that I mean I want something with complex flavors that has a good mouthfeel. You know what doesn’t have a good mouthfeel? The words “thyme twig.” I had to… 

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